Why Python Is The Top Choice Among Programming Languages

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Today, developers are switching to Python for being more flexible and productive in comparison to other programming languages. Programming languages are programmer’s tools, but entrepreneurs are also hiring Python developers for web development.

Every business has unique requirements and has unique challenges in their approach of developing websites and their choices of the tech stack. As most of the enterprises look for faster time-to-market for their web applications while saving as much time and cost as possible, they hire python developers for building large-scale web apps quickly without compromising on their quality.

Indeed, there are ample advanced programming languages that support programmers. But Python is at the forefront. In fact, it holds the record for maximum number of monthly Google searches. Let’s explore the reason for this popularity in detail.

1. Facilitates The Development Of  Complex Web Applications With Fewer Lines Of Code

Python typically involves less code and hence it takes less time to get a job done in this language. This platform enables developers to build complex web apps with fewer lines of code in less time, which also means that the cost of web development will be less.

One of the most striking advantages of writing in Python is that it requires less effort in comparison to writing web apps in other programming languages such as C++ or Java. There is no need for the developers to write lengthy code. It allows developers to work quickly and efficiently because of some of its unique features like text processing, integration, and own testing framework.

Python has the potential to accomplish complex tasks with much less code than others, a small team can handle the project effectively. Also, the common expressions trim out a lot of programming fat, and this helps the programmers in further shortening the length of the code.

2. Python Is Extensively Used By Giants In The Industry

Python is used by many industry giants like Google, Instagram, Quora, Spotify, Netflix, and Dropbox. This trend is dominating the marketplace and now most of the startups and small ventures are also looking for resources with skills in Python.

Python has become a valuable asset for sectors such as gaming, science, and graphics. Also, the giants like Disney, NASA, and Electronic Arts have made this language a central part of their entire system. Python is well-known for offering software quality, maintainability, and productivity at the same time.

3. Python Is A Rising Star

Python is gradually becoming the top choice among other languages because its popularity is growing significantly and steadily for the past five years. Python is a dynamically typed programming language that makes it more flexible and productive than others.

As per a report generated by using the data from Google Trend,  which focuses which language tutorials are searched for on Google more frequently. Python has topped the charts and become the most sought-after programming language.

4. Became The Top Choice For Data Scientists

Python is slowly emerging as one of the most popular languages for scientific computing. Also, this language has an appealing choice for exploratory data analysis and algorithmic development.

In addition, Python is also gradually becoming an efficient alternative for Octave, Matlab, and other similar environments. Since it is a general-purpose language, it’s equally used in both industry and academic settings.

Modern data scientists are choosing Python for more than one reasons. The three major reasons are:

  1. NumPy: The full form of NumPy is the Numerical Python for Statistical Analysis. It is the fundamental package for efficient scientific computing with Python.
  2. Pandas: It is the standard library of Python that facilitates smooth Analysis of the real world data.

5. Availability Of Extensive Standard Libraries & Third-Party Modules

Python has clean object-oriented designs and an extensive set of standard libraries that enhance the programmers’ productivity in comparison to other major programming languages such as C++, Java, C#, VB, etc.

These extensive libraries have most of the complex programming tasks already scripted into them and hence the developers are not needed to write lengthy codes. Python’s extensive standard libraries include the areas like string operations, like operating system interfaces and protocols, web service tools, and the Internet.

Moreover, this language has a plenty of third-party modules that are available in the Python Package Index (PyPI). These modules make it easier for Python to communicate with other major programming languages and platforms effectively and smoothly.

6. Existence Of User-Friendly Data Structures

Python has two powerful tools in the form of a built-in list and user-friendly dictionary data structures. These tools help Python programmers to build a faster runtime data. Since it is a strong interpreter, this language keeps a proper track of all variable types. With the help of a unique feature that is dynamic high-level data typing, the Python developers can easily reduce the length of the support code as and when they require.

Concluding the same, we have found these six main benefits that make Python the top choice among other programming languages. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this language is a powerfully simplistic and productive tool for data scientists and developers. Also, it is a cost-efficient alternative for entrepreneurs to build reliable, high-end web applications for enhancing the digital reach of their brand.

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